Museum Night Programme


Museum Night at the residence of the President of Latvia, the Castle of Riga
Pils laukums 3, Rīga
T. 67092106;

19.00–24.00    The forepart, where the residence of the President of Latvia is located, of the restored and renovated Riga Castle is opened.
Opportunity to see the whole hall of the front of the Riga castle – the Coat of Arms Hall, the White Hall, the Ambassadors' Hall and the Celebrations Hall – as well as other important sections of the fortress of Riga Castle: the parade lobby and stairs, the salon of Riga, the Dorothea room and the work office of the first President Jānis Čakste, which together form the representation and working premises of the President of the Republic of Latvia.
Entrance to the Riga Castle will be subject to a security check at the entrance. Please do not take large-sized bags, food items, animals and metal items.

Latvia: My Cradle Was Hung Between Two Wars
Smilšu iela 20, Rīga
T. 67228147;

19.00–01.00    Heroic deeds of Latvian soldiers. Multimedia narrative in museum expositions.

Citizen of Future in the Cradle.
“Arsenāls” Exhibition Hall
Torņa iela 1, Rīga
T. 67357527;

19.00–24.00    The exhibition The Future State is open to the visitors of the Museum Night. Latvian artists have created new works for the exhibition, imagining, what could Latvia or World be like in the nearest or more distant future.
The Future State adventure map – tasks for families and children.
Instagram challenge. Express yourself creatively, take a photo and participate in the lottery to win prizes by using hashtag Museum Night!

Jēkaba iela 11, Rīga
T. 67087321;

 The Saeima House offers visitors an exhibition Pie Latvijas šūpuļa: kas dibināja mūsu valsti?
Visitors will also be able to visit the premises of the Parliament and the Session Hall.
Visitors must present a personal identification document (passport or electronic identification card, ID card for foreigners).

Exhibition “Aina un Edgars Šēnbergi”
M. Pils iela 19, Rīga
T. 67220779;

19.00–01.00    Introduction to the oldest building of the Three Brothers complex at 17 Maza Pils iela – the oldest residential building in Riga.
Project Pie arhitektūras modernisma šūpuļa. Introduction to the exhibition Edgars un Aina Šēnbergi. Modernisti.
20.00    Project Pie arhitektūras modernisma šūpuļa. Exhibition Edgars un Aina Šēnbergi. Modernisti curator Mg. Art Karīna Horsta's narration.

Swing with a Song
Art Museum “Riga Bourse”
Doma laukums 6, Rīga
T. 67357534;

19.00–24.00    Tune in the upcoming Song Festival together with Latvian men’s choirs, including the choir of RIGA BOURSE museum!

We – Raised in the Cradle of Riga
Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation
Palasta iela 4, Rīga
T. 67211358; 67356676;

To Nurse, Tend and Study Latvia – express exhibition and tasks for visitor participation.
Cradle Keeper. The Story of the Ship “Saratov” – express exhibition.
Touching the Beginnings of Latvia, Developing the Future of Latvia – express exhibition.
Heartwarming Songs for Latvia – melodies of Museum Night.
Being in Latvia, Being Latvia – attractive photo saloon (with personal photo cameras).
Road of Riga Towards the Capital of Latvia. Stories of the centuries of Riga – 13 exposition halls open for visitors. Photo opportunities in unique interior settings.
Listening to the steps of ancient centuries of Latvia – the Cross Gallery of Riga Dome Cathedral at night and lighted settings.
A programme in the Column Hall Tending the Idea, Nursing Latvia:
19.00–19.30    Tending the Idea, Nursing the State. The evidence of the beginnings of the state of Latvia in film shots.
19.30–20.10    In the Cradle of Tomorrow’s Latvia – Joy of Music Playing. Performance by Babīte Music School students.
20.15–21.00    Tending the Idea, Nursing the State. The evidence of the beginnings of the state of Latvia in film shots.
21.05–21.30    In the Cradle of Latvia - Cultural Diversity. Concert by the Riga German Cultural Society vocal ensemble MORGENROT.
21.30–00.00    Tending the Idea, Nursing the State. The evidence of the beginnings of the state of Latvia in film shots.
00.00–01.00    Swing the Thought, Swing the Words – for Latvia. Open microphone.

Barricades - cradle of the restored Latvia
Krāmu iela 3, Rīga
T. 67213525;

19.00–01.00    Permanent exposition open. A specially designed presentation showing how the places of barricades have changed and “grown” from the 1991 Barricades to the present day.

Grēcinieku iela 18, Rīga
T. 67212951;

Cradle for man
19.00–19.30    Kokle ensable Raksti.
19.30-21.30    Healing cradle – Mexican scarf rebozo cradling, conversations about the importance of maternity support.
19.00–01.00    Toddler cradles of Andris Lejnieks.
Cradle for bread
19.00–01.00    Tasting of Rye Bread made by the Latvian Bakers Association.
19.00–22.00    The hostess Ruta's dinner at the hearth.
21.30-22.00    German breadmakers Wandinger will rejoice everyone with the sounds of the alpine horns.
Cradle for Latvian state
19.00–01.00    Latvian songs are sung by Māris Priede and Artūrs Kozulis.
Cradle hung in Latvia
19.00–01.00    Photo exhibition Vācbaltiešu muižas Latvijā agrāk un šodien.
Mencendorff House - the residence of the Germans born in Latvia.
In flower cradle
19.00–01.00    Maija Brašmane Ziedi. Paintings.
Jānis Salens tulip collection exhibition.

Idea Cradle
Museum of Decorative Art and Design
Skārņu iela 10/20, Rīga
T. 67222235;

19.00–24.00    Exhibition of the Latvian Design Annual Awards. What lies at the basis of design? Where do design ideas arise, grow and develop?

Rocking the centuries
R.Vāgnera iela 13, Rīga
T. 67213008;

19.00–01.00    Gadsimtu šūpulis – Find out what's unusual in pharmacies and pharmaceuticals over the centuries.
Sirds šūpulis – wishes in the hundredth century of the Latvian state.
Zinātnes šūpulis – You will see and enjoy the achievements of Alchemists in their own laboratory.
Cilvēces šūpulis – you will learn the sauna traditions (in cooperation with bath-house masters Vilnis Lejnieks and Ivita Pičukane).
Pārmaiņu šūpulis – you will find out how the children were rebundled in the past and, as it is now (in cooperation with the P.Stradins Medical College of the University of Latvia).
Atpūtas šūpulis – you will pause with a delicious, on fire-boiled herb tea.
19.30–20.00; 20.30–21.00; 21.30–22.00; 22.30–23.00    Kultūras šūpulis – the wisdom of Goethe Faust's life.

The first hundred
Mārstaļu iela 8 (entrance from Alksnāja iela), Rīga
T. 67222713;

19.00–01.00    Demonstration of photolaboratory subjects and acquisition of basic skills in film-winding.
21.00–01.00    Slideshow evening.
19.00–01.00    Getting to know the stereoscope.
19.00–21.00; 19.20–19.40; 20.00–20.20; 20.40–21.00    Aiz Fotomuzeja krājuma durvīm.
19.00–01.00    Creative workshops:
19.00–01.00    orienteering game Muzeju salas.
20.00–21.00    Museum guest – photo restorer of Riga History and Navigation Museum Kristaps Latvis: History, structure, preservation and restoration of the photo.
19.00–01.00    Photographing in an improvised photo-gallery at the photographer Artūrs Kapaša, an opportunity to print a photo on-site (paid service).

The Birthday of Our Sports - First Latvian Olympic Games in 1920
Alksnāja iela 9, Rīga
T. 67225127;

Slide show First Latvian Olympic Games 1920.
Exhibition Olympic Champion in Rapid Fire – Afanasijs Kuzmins.
Photo exhibition on the participation of Latvian athletes in PyeongChang Olympic Games.
Demonstration of the documentary Dukuri Knot.
Meeting Latvian athletes – participants of winter Olympic Games.
Activity At the Cradle of Skeleton – get into the skeleton bobsleigh of Martins Dukurs and slide down the icy loops of Sigulda track (simulator).

Popular Front of Latvia - the Cradle of Latvian Democracy
Museum of the Popular Front of Latvia
Vecpilsētas iela 13/15, Rīga
T. 67224502;

19.00–01.00    Orienteering game Third Awakening.
Creative workshop for children – creation of joint painting of museum building, ingenuity games
Sessions of Askolds Saulītis documentary Antology of Awakening.

From cradle to grave
Peitavas iela 10 (entrance from Mazā Peitavas iela), Rīga
T. 67358873;

19.00–23.00    Exhibition visit and film screenings.
21.30–23.00    Performance with an ark in the courtyard of the museum
From 23.30    Performance in honour of Augusts Sukuts and departed Latvian cinema classics. Walk from the museum to Daugavmala.


Ancient treatment cradle
Antonijas iela 1, Rīga
T. 67222656;

Two museum floors are opened for viewing – ethnomedicine and medieval exposition.
19.00–24.00    Ancient treatment cradle – an ethnomedicine exposition, which uniquely shows around 5000 years old trepanied skulls.
The museum is open to visitors with a unique exhibit – a glass man made in the beginning of the 20th century in Dresden and used for the study of anatomy.
Artist Jānis Anmanis creative workshop at the exhibition Ar Dieva zīmi plaukstā.
The exhibition Depresija: no pagātnes līdz mūsdienām is on display.
The State Labour Inspectorate will inform visitors of the most frequent injuries at workplaces.

Days before independence
Alberta iela 12–9, Rīga
T. 67331641;

19.00–22.00    Cradle of a Kuronian. Latvia before the foundation of the independent state in the pieces of art, photographs and texts by Janis Rozentāls. Visual presentation.
19.00–01.00    Demonstration of the animated movie Side-step with Blaumanis.
22.00–01.00    Cradle of a Finn. Finland and Latvia in the life of Elli Forssell-Rozentāle. Time period before the foundation of independent Latvian and Finnish states. Visual presentation.

Art Nouveau Cradle
Riga Art Nouveau Museum
Alberta iela 12, Rīga
T. 67181465;

19.00–01.00    Introduction with the digital exposition of the museum.

Ancient life cradle
Alberta iela 10 (room 114), Rīga

18.00–23.00    Devonian period pool in the territory of Latvia - the cradle of ancient life.
Presentation with comments. A unique demonstration of fossils.

Civil protection equipment exhibition
Andrejostas iela 29 k.3 (koordinātes 56.9700, 24.0965), Rīga
T. 26983144; 26820905;

19.00–01.00    A tour of a bomb shelter.
Civil protection equipment on display.
Trying on civil protection equipment fitting and understanding its operating principles
Research of the urban environment and abandoned objects nowadays.

Rīga, Hanzas iela 7

19.00–01.00    Everything is free.

Hearth safe for cradle!
Hanzas iela 5, Rīga
T. 67331334;

19.00–01.00    The thematic exhibition dedicated to the development of the history of firefighting and housing security.
19.00–22.00    The latest modern fire fighting and rescue technology on display.
19.00–23.00    Competition on the issues of day-to-day safety and the nuances of the museum.
Video materials on the everyday life of the fire brigade-rescuers.

Criminal Excellence Fund
„KEF” pop-up MUSEUM
Sporta iela 2, Rīga
T. 26348515

20.00–01.00    The film Criminal Excellence Fund’s interactive exhibition of costumes, with the opportunity to view and try on the heroes costumes and get acquainted with the collection of properties.
Possibility to take a picture in a scenery built based on a movie storyline.
Informative materials about making of the film and inspirational sources, film projections and in background audience’s favourite music with compositions from Raimonds Pauls, Imants Kalniņš, Nora Bumbiere and others.

Idea Cradle
Rainis and Aspazija House-Museum
Baznīcas iela 30, Rīga
T. 67272643, 29689489;

20.00–23.00    Excursions in the memorial apartment of Rainins and Aspazija.
19.00–24.00    The exhibition of the students of the Art Academy of Latvia on display at the yard of the house.
19.30–24.00    Sessions of the film Time Course on the biography and creative work of Rainis and Aspazija.
21.00–23.00    Night readings of Rainis and Aspazija poetry.

Childhood montage
Literature and Music Museum
Tērbatas iela 75, Rīga
T. 67216425;

19.00–21.00    It will be an opportunity to visit improvised cinemas and feel or even capture the moods of childhood memories stored in the museum's collection. The Museum of Literature and Music in text readings, as well as in the video and sound installation, will start highlighting collection’s materials about childhood.
City sound cradle

Lāčplēša iela 48-8, Rīga
T. 67105942;

19.00–23.00    Museum tour.
19.00–23.00    Viewing exhibition Māksliniekam Eduardam Vīraltam 120.
22.30–23.30    Concert Sagaidot pusnakti of the band Pilsētas skaņas.

Morning Period
Andrejs Upīts Museum
Brīvības iela 38–4, Rīga
T. 67289767;

19.00–20.00    A performance of Pūre amateur theatre Let it Be Made!
The performance of Andrejs Upīts comedy On Birthday Morning.
20.00–23.00    The play Morning Period of a Writer and rarities in the library of Andrejs Upīts.
Interactive literature attraction Recognize the Works of Andrejs Upīts!

Time Travel: Republic of Latvia – 1 year
Romans Suta and Aleksandra Beļcova MUSEUM
Elizabetes iela 57a-26, Rīga
T. 67288800;

19.00–23.00    Demonstration of the fragments of 1919 film chronicles.
Fragments from the first Latvian opera Baņuta (composer Alfrēds Kalniņš, composed in 1918 – 1919, fist staging in 1920), as well as the works of other Latvian composers.
19.00–21.00    Creative workshop for children Create Your File of Expressionists!

Museum “Jews in Latvia”
Skolas iela 6, Rīga
T. 67283484;

17.00–01.00    Viewing the exhibition Ze'ev Jabotinsky: Life and Activities.
17.30, 19.30, 21.00, 23.00    Guided excursions in the museum of the society house.
18.00, 19.00, 20.30    Dance Jewish and Israeli circle dances together!
22.00    The concert of traditional Eastern European Jewsh music group Lebedik! (Berlin).

Latvian Art Cradle
Latvian National Museum of Art
Jaņa Rozentāla laukums 1, Rīga
T. 67324461;

19.00–21.00    Find portraits in the permanent exposition of the museum! – tasks for young visitors.
19.00–22.00    Instagram campaign in the park. The challenge of the Youth Club of the Museum of Art - get involved, take photos during the Museum Night and use the hashtag of Museum night to participate in the lottery and win prizes!
21.00–23.00    The story of one painting (in the hall of the third floor of the museum).
A series of video stories The Story of One Painting – on the masterpieces of the late 20th Century that are displayed in the permanent exposition of the museum for the first time.

University of Latvia - science cradle
Library of the University of Latvia AND
Institute of Latvian History OF THE University of Latvia
Kalpaka bulv. 4, Rīga
T. 67034503;;

19.00–22.00    Exhibition – the original engravings of the Description de l'Égypte, composed by French scholars during the Napoleonic Egyptian expedition (1798-1801).
Exhibition LU profesora Jēkaba Lautenbaha mantojums.
Exhibition Pēc diviem mirkļiem 100 gadi: Rektoru galerija.
Creative activity for children with parents Šūp-šūpulis.

Latvia’s Century: From the Birth of the Country to the Present Day
National History Museum of Latvia
Brīvības bulvāris 32, Rīga
T. 67221357;

19.00–01.00    Exhibition Latvia’s Century:
-1,500 items from 64 museums;
-the story of the state in the life stories of people;
-the vibe of different ages, recognizable items and items seen for the first time;
-historical evidence in audio records, films and videos;

Cradle hung in woods in 1945 for the restoration of Latvia's independence
Raiņa bulvāris 7, Rīga
T. 67212715;

19.00–01.00    Museum tour.
Museum Night Action – Cradle hung in woods in 1945 for the restoration of Latvia's independence.

University of Latvia - science origin
Raiņa bulvāris 19, Rīga

19.00–24.00    University of Latvia – the cradle of professional astronomers.
The origin of astronomical education and research at the University of Latvia in the 20’s of the 20th century.
Exhibition, presentations, practical activities.

Collection - Cradle of the Museum
Natural History Museum of Latvia
K. Barona iela 4, Rīga
T. 67356025;

19.00–01.00    Insight into the history of the museum, treasures from museum collections. A part of the exposition will be opened.
19.00–24.00    The specialists will demonstrate the procedures of handling the items from museum collections.

Do not Place me, Mommy, into the Cradle Without a Flower...
K. Barona iela 3 – 5, Rīga
T. 67284265;

18.00–23.00    Photo-orienteering in Vērmanes Garden Park and Kr. Barons Museum.
18.00–18.15    Straupe Primary School Ensemble (conductor Daina Cukura-Akmene) sings at the monument of K. Barons in Vērmanes Garden Park.
18.30–22.00    Folk song cabinet stories....
18.30–19.30    Creative and educational activities, mind games and workshops for the entire family What do you know about Latvia, Riga, famous personalities of Latvia?
Filling of a cradle together with union Sirdssiltuma darbnīca (Heart Warmth Workshop) managed by Ilze Haka (joint creation of knit works for prematurely born children).
Lullabies sung by Straupe Primary School Ensemble.
19.30–19.45    Joint singing and communication with Burtnieki house in Vecmīlgrāvis.
19.45–21.00    Demonstration of the film Love Garden, meeting the producer of the film U. Bērziņš.
21.00–21.30    Our House – Our Home – a conversation with the resident of the house Elizabete Cukure.
21.00–22.15    Do not Place me, Mommy, into the Cradle Without a Flower...
Sung by folk tradition group Budēļi.
22.15–22.45    Reading From the History fo the Museum – 1988.
22.45–23.15    Opening the family tree of Barons family – ask your question to Barons of the 21st century!
23.15–23.45    Little music of the night.
23.55–24.15    Candle march to Krišjānis Barons’ monument in Vērmane Garden Park.

The endless joy of creation
K. Barona iela 16/18, Rīga
T. 67281402;

19.00–20.00    Latvian Culture Academy theatre 3rd year student plays/performances in theatre area. Theatre ground floor is open for viewing.
20.00–21.00    Latvian Culture Academy theatre 3rd year student plays/performances in theatre area. Theatre ground floor is open for viewing.
20.00–21.00    Budapest (Hungary) theatre company HUPS Crew play Jam in the big hall of the theatre. Theatre ground floor is open for viewing.
21.00–22.00    Latvian Culture Academy theatre 3rd year student plays/performances in theatre area. Theatre ground floor is open for viewing.
22.00–23.00    Budapest (Hungary) theatre company HUPS Crew play Jam in the big hall of the theatre. Theatre ground floor is open for viewing.


Because life comes from there!
Augusta Deglava iela 1, Rīga

19.00    Concert under the direction of Jeļena Privalova-Epšteina.
19.30    Opening.
20.00-22.00    Opportunity to climb the tower of the church and view the specially created environmental object.
20.00    Theatrical performance with the theatre Black sheep.
20.30    True life story.
21.00    Riga St. Paul Church Choir.
21.30    A musical moment with Dita Svarupa.
22.00    True life story.
22.30    A musical moment with Valdis Dvorovs.
23.20    A musical moment with Paul’s Church.
23.50    Closing.



Humanity Cradle
Mazais Balasta dambis 9, Rīga
T. 67202539;

14.00–21.00    Orienting game in Ķīpsala with a guide: Desmit soļos no civilizācijas šūpuļa līdz automašīnu kapsētai. To answer questions, you will have to travel around the island – on foot or in thought.
15.00–00.00    The installation of music and video by Jēkabs Nīmanis by swinging in hammocks Trīsreiz jūra pārplūdīs. Cilvēces šūpulis un pasaules gali ūdenī.
16.00–20.00    Creative workshops for children Laiva – zvejnieku šūpulis. Let's use the methods of making boats and ships tried during childhood.
16.00–18.00    Marine Knot Workshop with Captain Māris Gailis.
17.00–21.00    A pre-announced drawing competition and pop-up exhibition about water Vai peļķe ir okeāna šūpulis? Vai jūra ir upes gals?
19.00–20.00    Four winners (each accompanied by one adult) win a trip with captain Māris Gailis's boat.
17.00–18.00    Treasure hunt for children and those who are still children at heart. No Nīlas līdz Daugavai. Zudušā Mozus šūpuļa medības.
24.00–24.30    In cooperation with the Museum of Cinema, we invite you to launch a paper boat in the Daugava with the message to those we do not want to forget - Valentīna Freimane, Hercs Franks, Augusts Sukuts, and the era they represented. At midnight - a signal flare on the left bank of the river Daugava.


Museum of Pedagogy of the University of Latvia
Jūrmalas gatve 76/Muižas iela, Rīga

 Pedagogical readings and other activities for children and adults.


Education cradle at 21 Agenskalna iela
Āgenskalna iela 21a, Rīga
T. 26005464;

15.00–20.00    Garden festival with musical and sporting activities.
18.00–19.30    Opening of the Museum Night 2018. Salon conversations: Izglītības šūpulis gadsimta griezumā in the historical living room of the director.
17.00–22.00    To the visitors of Museum Night at the Riga State German Gymnasium following expositions will be available: School Museum; Exhibition Skolu arhitektam Indriķim Blankenburgam – 130; videos about the history of gymnasium and today in auditorium 4; gymnasium library and exhibition; visual arts space – studio; Gymnasium graduate A. Sodums paintings gallery; Gymnasium Assembly Hall and Painting Gallery; classroom space in the historic building; view of Riga from the historic building tower.
19.30–21.00    Gymnasium choir open practice and singing.
at Gymnasium Assembly Hall.
18.00–22.00    School graduates' meeting.

Latvian theatre - 150
Eduarda Smiļģa iela 37, Rīga
T. 67611893;

19.00–23.00    Exposition Latviešu teātra pirmsākumi.
Exhibition Scenogrāfija: A-Z.
Exhibition Latviešu teātra nenorietošais zvaigznājs.
Exhibition Mīlas skati latviešu teātrī.
20.00–21.30    Social Jūlijs Pētersons. Pēteris Pētersons. Dāvis Auškāps. Play fragment readings, conversations and music.
19.00–23.00    Exhibition Pēteris Pētersons – 95.


Kantora iela 22A, Rīga
T. 26414162;

09.00–10.00    Reunion participant registration and Start from Babīte district high school, a parade trip through Babīte village.
10.00–12.00    Visit of the restorer's workshop to Babīte district.
12.00–14.00    Parade trip through Skulte and Jaunmārupe villages.
14.00–16.00    Exhibition at the Mārupe Secondary School/ Restoration Workshop in Mārupe.
16.00–17.00    Parade through the village of Mārupe, Zeltrīti, Tīraines village.
17.30–18.00    Parade at Tīraine Sports Centre.
18.30–19.30     Parade trip to the Mārupe Council, exhibition by the Council.
19.00–20.00    A parade drive to the Retro car museum. Closing.
(followed by a closed event which will not be available to visitors)


Be a Seed and Grow!
O. Vācieša iela 19, Rīga
T. 67619905; 67614015;

19.00–01.00     Viewing the main exhibition of Ojārs Vācietis museum.
The exposition of Inārs Helmūts paintings in Robinson’s Hall.
Express exhibition Be a Seed and Grow! – the world of objects of the poet Ojārs Vācietis.
20.00–22.00    Cinema night.
The Legend of Daugava (1966, producer L. Gaigals, script writer O. Vācietis);
The Fourth Dimension (1977, producer L. Žurgina);
Contemplations (2016, producer Ģ. Laube);
Years of Different Length ( 2013, producer M. Balode);
Hours of Different Length (1983, producer M. Smildziņa);
Name Ojārs Vācietis (2003, producer Ģ. Nagainis).
23.15–24.00    The concert of Kārlis Kazāks.

Dream Swings
O.Vācieša iela 6a, Rīga
T. 67619934, 29254631;

19.00–12.00    Express exhibition Cradle Collection in Laima room.
19.00–20.00    Conversations in the fireplace room. The house of Akuraters and Jāzeps Grosvalds. With participation of Ingrīda Burāne.
21.00    Readings of poetry and descriptive narratives by Jānis Akuraters, Kārlis Skalbe and Edvards Virza (1916 - 1919) The Swings of Fate, in the garden of Jānis Akuraters museum.
22.30    The museum premiere of the film Cafe Spleen or August 1914 in the museum garden.
19.00–01.00    Viewing of museum exposition.

By science cradle
Museum of Human Pathology of Latvian University
O.Vācieša iela 4, Rīga
Arcadia Park, opposite Mara Pond. The museum is located in the building of the Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine of the University of Latvia, 4th floor, room 404.

19.00–01.00 The most common diseases in Latvia and how to avoid them.
Excursion through the Museum of Human Pathology.
Demonstrations of pathologies.

Museums Night at Library
Mūkusalas iela 3, Rīga
T. 67806100, 67716063;

1st floor. Exposition Grāmata Latvijā.
The permanent exposition is the story inspired by the 21st century and the new form of the library on the history of Latvian book publishing in the world context.
Reading room floors. #epizodes. No svētdienas līdz sestdienai 1918. gadā. The exhibition offers miniature stories (testimonies) about 1918. Visitors will be able to feel the atmosphere of the year of foundation through the eyes of a child of the time, a politician, a musician, a romantic lover and a employee of secret special fund.
4th floor. Exhibition Herders un Barons. This is a story about the path leading from Herder's activities to Baron's Latvju dainas and Dainu cabinet.
1st floor. Kultūrisms – Exhibition of the International Photography Festival Rīgas Fotomēnesis. Installations of the younger generation of Latvian artists Elizabete Ezergaile, Elizabete Džeina Rubene, Luīze Nežberte, Rasa Pavilona and Beāte Poikāne on bodybuilding, explaining its significance and place in popular culture.
An opportunity to see the panorama of Riga from the upper floors of the library and to enjoy the atmosphere dedicated to the Museum Night.

AB dambis 2, Rīga
T. 26324433;

19.00–01.00    Text-group Orbīta – exhibition No kā rodas dzeja?
The multidimensional exhibition organized by the Text-group Orbīta will examine, reflect on the answers to the questions kā un no kurienes rodas dzeja?
Sandra Krastiņa – exhibition Mirāža. The theme of the exhibition Mirāža is the changing nature of man's imagination. In the exhibition, the artist will personify the volatile nature of man's illusions, desires and intense mirages.
Ramuss – exhibition Zīmējumi II. Ramuss’s (Mihails Kuļičkovs) graphical work inheritance. The exhibition features unique techniques of etchings and drawings that are related to Indo-European symbolism and ornamentation.
19.00–20.00; 21.00–22.00; 23.00–24.00    Environmental Film Studio – film Laikmetīgā, directed by Dainis Kļava, 52′, Latvia, 2016. The film is as a figurative view of the manifestations of contemporary art in contemporary Latvian artists' environments.


Sarkandaugava – Riga’s industrial cradle
T. 26446757;

14.30–16.30    Sarkandaugava surrounding excursion Sarkandaugavas zelta laikmets.
Start at Alekša Square, Tilta iela.
17.00–18.30    Excursion to the former rubber factory Prowodnik. Start at 3 Tvaika iela.

Tvaika iela 2, Rīga
T. 29278782; 
Venue: Sarkandaugava, Tvaika iela, space for History and Culture of the Riga Psychiatry and Addiction Center (RPNC) – museum, the old club hall and territory.

18.00    Unveiling of exposition Oto Vilhelms fon Hūns – izcila personība pie RPNC šūpuļa. Authors: RPNC Public Relations Manager Silva Bendrāte, Mārīte Jakovļeva, Leading Researcher of the Latvian History Institute and LNA, Latvian State Historical Archives, artist Ieva Stūre.
From 18.00    A permanent exhibition of history and art of the RPNC is open.
18.40    Excursion to RPNC territory Trīs gadsimti aiz slimnīcas mūra. Lead by: RPNC Public Relations Manager Silva Bendrāte.
19.40    Art exhibition Cerību šūpulis sašķeltai dvēselei.
20.10    Thematical tour RPNC pirmās simtgades direktori. 1824. – 1924. Lecturer: RPNC Public Relations Manager Silva Bendrāte.
20.40    Thematic tour Oto Hūna medicīniski – sadzīviskie vērojumi par Rīgu un rīdziniekiem beigās un sākumā. Lecturer: LU LVI and LVVA leading researcher Mārīte Jakovļeva.
22.30    Activities in the RPNC's historical and cultural space are closed.

I Hung the Cradle in Dauderi House Garden
Zāģeru iela 7, Rīga
T. 67392229, 67391780;

19.00–01.00    Viewing of a part of the museum exposition.
Exhibition of Ivonna Zīle paintings Heritage.
Virtual exhibition-story about the history of the Dauderi house.
19.00–21.00    Creative workshops for children:
- artistic activity A Present for Latvian Cradle Celebration.
- creative workshop Latvian Cradle.
- search of hidden treasure in Dauderi garden (at 20.00, for visitors from 6 to 12 years of age)
19.00–21.00    Sports games Swing Yourself Into the Festival at the museum garden (in co-operation with Children and Youth Centre Laimīte).

Aldaris – beer tradition cradle
Tvaika iela 44, Rīga
T. 20294924;

16.00–21.00    Get to know how to brew a beer:
-blind tasting;
-excursion to the production plant, Aldaris beer workshop and bunker;
-mind games;
19.00    Concert by the band Double Faced eels.
21.00    Concert by the band Labvēlīgais tips.


Birth of legends
VEF Kultūras pils, Ropažu iela 2, Rīga
T. 67181633;

 Orienting game in the former factory in VEF territory and VEF Culture Palace Atrodi leģendas šūpuli!.
19.00–01.00    The restored exhibition of VEF History Museum will unveil the legends created by the State Electrotechnical Factory (VEF).
19.00–01.00    Cultural-historical exposition in the exhibition hall of the VEF Culture Palace ELLES ĶĒĶIS: ŅUJORKA – LATVIJA.
Introduction to the creative phenomenon of the exile artist group Elles Ķēķis.

At the club “Auseklis” - speedway rebirth cradle
Silciema iela 3, Rīga
T. 67181497;

17.00–21.00    Speedway – At mini motor museum.
Centre staff photo exhibition.
Centre students art exhibition.

Latvian Ethnographic Open-Air Museum
Brīvdabas iela 21, Rīga
T. 67994106;

How cradles and swings were installed and how the founders of our country were swung.
How is the cradle made, as well as ancient toys and games. Exhibition of cradles and swinging.


Museum Night at Riga Motor Museum
Riga Motor Museum
S. Eizenšteina iela 8, Rīga
T. 67025888;

19.00–24.00    World automobile cradle at Riga Motor Museum: more than 100 ancient vehicles, including the world’s first automobile Benz Patent Motorwage replica and other modern car brand beginnings.